New hires at Drake Cooper

The folks over at Drake Cooper are working hard to fill up their new office space. They’ve added three new people to their staff:

Javier Barrera has joined the interactive group as a Web Developer. Prior to joining Drake Cooper he was a web developer with Rizen Creative.

Lindsay Shumate has joined the agency as an Account Coordinator. Lindsay was an intern with the agency during the summer of 2007 and is a graduate of the University of Idaho.

Megan Godwin rounds out the list of new hires. Megan is the agency’s Brand Ambassador (the person that people first see when they visit the shop) and assists with media buying. Megan is also a past intern, and graduated from the University of Idaho as well.

Congratulations to all.

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12 Replies to “New hires at Drake Cooper”

  1. Wow. Jav isn’t with Rizen anymore?!

    I think it’s funny how Rizen is trying to position themselves as INTENTIONALLY small, when it really seems like they just have high turnover.

    Congrats Jav. I wish you much luck at your new far superior workplace.

  2. And what is so interesting about that? Ron and Jeff are great guys who work very hard at providing marketing and creative services to those who fit their business philosophy. They just don’t take on any client, and they work round the clock thinking of ways to help them (the clients) see the big picture.
    If you’re trying to be super duper detective and “out” the fact they own Brick, well then congratuations. That secret, along with the fact Brick was dissolved, has been not a secret for a long time. Don’t knock a couple of guys for trying to make an honest living in Boise. Trust me, both could get hired at the likes of a Drake – which is a fantastic shop, too – but choose to put their balls on the line by being principals of their own.

    Okay. Off the soapbox. And yes, Javier is that good for a Drake to bring him on. Congrats to all.

  3. If you read all the comments with a smile the presumption of defensiveness disappears.
    The Brick Group has been removed from the list of agencies.

  4. Actually, I think that’s my fault — I’m pretty sure I didn’t add them to the agency list originally. No particular reason, just didn’t happen at the time.

  5. Rizen Creative is a terrific company with much to offer their wide variety of clients. The two principals, Ron and Jeff are great people who have really taken an initiative to build a company that they think is going to do some good – while still making a good living.

    In life there are always going to be hardships in which some difficult decisions need to be made – main point being the dissolution of the Brick Group.

    I hope Rizen Creative the best of luck and I’m sure we’re going to be hearing some great things coming from that shop in the future.

    Go Underdogs!

  6. Thanks for all the comments, “anonymous.” I’m sure Jav is as flattered as those of us at Rizen with all the attention.


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