Billboards – in a whole new dimension

For most people, seeing billboards around town is nothing new. Extensions above the top of a board? Neat little gimmick, but after a little time those get ignored as well.

The new digital billboards are, admitted, pretty slick. I think there’s a lot of potential for those, and that’s worth its own conversation with Lamar one of these days (but we’ll save that one for another time).

If you’re in the Boise area, you may have seen a series of billboards up recently for Paramount. They were a continuation of the [BLANK] is Paramount concept, which in and of itself has been very effective from what I understand.

But these most recent boards were a little different. There was no image of a child swimming or a striking roof line. This time, the visual was coming right off the board.


These latest boards added a third dimension, featuring mannequins depicting scenes or activities that one could expect to have happen in Paramount, such as lighting a barbecue or diving into a swimming pool.

The boards were designed by Stoltz Marketing Group in Boise. They’re currently out of rotation, but I’m told they’ll be going back up again in the near future. Pictures are below.

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5 Replies to “Billboards – in a whole new dimension”

  1. cool, but i bet they get vandalized pretty quick. I kinda want the diving board one mounted in my garage.

  2. Fortunately, no one bothered them. Those suckers were bolted down so hard, they weren’t going anywhere.

  3. wow! a meridian neighborhood with a swimming pool and barbecues. That is some great strategic thinking.

  4. Curious as to whether the last anonymous comment is a compliment, or a thinly veiled criticism. Given the time that has passed since this was originally posted, my guess is the latter — but that’s just me…

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