So, you’ve been laid off fairly recently?  You’re not alone, and you’re getting your own movie: Lemonade

Erik Proulx, former Senior Copywriter at Arnold Boston and driving force behind Please Feed the Animals went in search of laid-off agency folks to see how they’ve made a living, a life, and found happiness outside of the advertising world.

Hat tip to the many other outlets that have covered this already, including AdPulp, AgencySpy, The Denver Egotist, PSFK and many, many more.

2 Replies to “Lemonade”

  1. That makes me sad. Sad that so many people in the agency world (and everywhere) hate their jobs.

    But it also made be grateful. Grateful I moved to Boise 11 years ago to explore agency life instead of staying in Portland. More than most places, Boise lets you have a career and life. Be creative, yet be yourself (no, that’s not a transgender reference).

    Are there sacrifices? Yes. Budgets and inspiration and innovation and the like perhaps aren’t as plentiful. But it’s worth it.

    I’m thankful that I’ve been able to grow my business, talents, friendships and family right here.

  2. I agree with you Jeff. I only got to experience agency life for 16 months, but I loved it. The people, the projects, the work; it was everything I wanted in a job.

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