Job Opening: Designer

UPDATE: This position has been filled and they are no longer accepting applications.

Brand Smack, a division of Oliver Russell, has an opening for a Designer.  All the details you need to know after the break.

The job description, from the folks at Brand Smack:


3+ years experience, though we won’t hold more or less experience against you if you can do the job.


Must dream in brandvision. Be able to fire up creative concepts that move and compel. And execute concepts in clean and crisp design layouts.


Should possess knowledge and experience in broad array of media.

Digital must be native to your thinking. Skills should include knowledge of HTML and familiarity with Javascript and Flash. Knowledge of web architecture, user interface requirements, web navigation, web page layout, cross platform issues, browser and platform compatibility, image compression, size and speed issues

Should understand traditional production processes, with experience using digital illustration and layout software including Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, QuarkXpress, (PowerPoint a plus) Should have reasonable drawing skills and understand printing processes and specification; paper specification; ink specification; familiarity with typestyles, type design and type specification; stock photography; computer retouching and image manipulation; art direction of original photography


Must be fluid.

Absolutely cannot be flummoxed by change.

Must possess can-do spirit; courage of conviction; curiosity; and contribute to community.

Must be tight enough to design, but loose enough to feel.

Must be able to work independently with a gut for project briefs that leave some of the questions left unanswered.

Must also be able to work as a productive member of project team.


Depends on experience

If you’re interested in this position, all materials should be sent to Jane Naillon.