Call for Nominations: The Bullwinkles

Perhaps you’ve been to them in the past. Or you’ve heard rumor about this fabled event. But even if you haven’t experienced the drama and debauchery yet, you’ll soon have your chance:

The Bullwinkles are back.

And their call for nominations is now open. From our friends organizing this year’s Bullwinkles event:

We had a dream. A dream that someday there would be an awards ceremony celebrating the people and organizations that have somehow fallen through the cracks in the Rockies. From these fissures of the forgotten rises the most auspicious awards affair in the history of this celebrated evening: The Bullwinkles.

Nomination Needed for: Your Favorite Media Pro, AE, Back End Programmer, Admin, Rookie Sensation, and charity with the worst marketing.

Nominations are being accepted until Friday, April 13th (yes, Friday the 13th – take that for what you will). The entire nomination process is taking place on The Bullwinkles’ Facebook page, so see all of the details there.