The call came from inside

Several months ago we shared that Drake Cooper was looking for a Creative Director.

It appears they found the right candidate inside their own four walls, so to speak.

Late last year, we noticed that Dylan Amundson’s title on the Drake Cooper website quietly changed from Creation & Integrated Production Director to Creative Director. The title on his LinkedIn profile has also been updated to Creative Director, although there’s a bit of discrepancy on the dates and titles versus what has appeared on the Drake Cooper site in the past.

Regardless of when it happened, congratulations are in order to Dylan for his new role.

He has been with the agency since 2008, first as a Project Manager, and has grown into roles such as Producer, Brand Manager, Creation Director and more — now holding the title of Creative Director.

Amundson is a graduate of the University of Idaho with a Bachelor’s degree in Advertising, and studied consumer brand planning at Miami Ad School in Minneapolis, MN.