Rockies Award Show – The Aftermath

Well, once again the Rockies have come and gone this year.

Overall, I’d have to say that the show itself went over very well. The Big Easy (er. soon to be the Knitting Factory) seemed to be a great venue for the show. They took out the majority of the stage to allow for more tables toward the front of the room.

Another nice touch was having helpers to run awards out to the tables themselves. This kept the proceedings moving along, and avoided any awkward stumbling around chairs / tables that might have otherwise happened.

A couple of notes about the award winners:

IAF Silver Medal Award Winner: Michael Ripley of Lewiston.

Drake Cooper, Oliver Russell, and Marketing Media Group were the heavyweights of the night, but it was also nice to see others being recognized, such as Davies Rourke, Foerstel Design, The Agency Creative Network, Donahoe Pace, Rizen Creative and many, many more.

Best of Show, and a number of other awards, went to Noot Group.

Congratulations to all.

In the end, awards were won, hangovers were installed, and everyone appeared to have a good time.

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  1. Brian – I’m working on getting a list of all of the winners. As soon as I’ve got something I’ll post an update.

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