If You’re Afraid to Lose, You’re Not Going to Win

Or, put another way, confidence is everything.

WARNING: Stream of consciousness writing to follow.  Like that’s anything new, but consider yourself warned…

How many times have you seen this happen:  Two (or more) people are competing for the same job.  On paper, both are equally qualified.  In person, however, one comes off as timid – afraid of saying or doing the wrong thing, while the other maintains a certain confidence.  Who gets the job?

Same goes for the agency environment.  An agency who is afraid to take some sort of action for fear that they might make a mistake is just as timid as the job candidate above.  And it shows.  A recent tweet from rizen creative sums it up nicely:
rizen creative - twitter

While the concept is not new, it’s worth repeating from time to time:  If you’re playing not to lose, you’ll lose more often than you win.  Letting fear stand in your way of doing something is no excuse for doing nothing.