Spotlight on Creative: To Hell With Prep

If you’ve ever worked in a restaurant, you can likely appreciate this one…

To Hell With Prep was rolled out recently by Stoltz Marketing Group for Simplot Food Group’s RoastWorks line of products.  It is targeted at restaurant operators to help them “see the waste and futility of preparing their own roasted vegetables versus using Simplot’s RoastWorks brand of pre-cut, pre-roasted vegetables.”

To Hell With Prep - Simplot

The site includes a video dramatizing the impact that prep can have on a kitchen, cost comparison calculator, product coupons, recipes and other things that you’d expect a restaurant or kitchen owner/manager/operator to be interested in.

The site is part of a larger campaign that also includes print ads in trade publications, PR, a trip sweepstakes and more.

3 Replies to “Spotlight on Creative: To Hell With Prep”

  1. Very nice execution. The site navigates easily and is very appealing yet simple. I also love the Nightmare on Prep Street video. Great casting and production. Nice work Stoltz!

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