Call for Nominations: IAF Silver Medal Award

After a hiatus for the past few years (can’t imagine why), the Idaho Advertising Federation is once again accepting nominations for the Silver Medal Award.

For those who aren’t familiar with the award:

The IAF Silver Medal Award is presented annually by the Idaho Advertising Federation to an individual who has made outstanding contributions to advertising by advancing the industry’s standards, demonstrating creative excellence, and promoting social welfare.

Following receipt of nominations, the IAF Board of Directors selects a regional panel of Idaho judges to review nominees based on the criteria that follow. Only one Silver Medal is awarded each year, and judges may elect not to award the Silver Medal in any given year.

The Silver Medal winner is announced at the annual Rockie Awards Banquet hosted by the Idaho Advertising Federation. The recipient’s name is listed with other winners throughout the nation for presentation to the National Conference of the American Advertising Federation.

More details about the award, and the nomination process, can be found on the Boise Advertising Federation’s website.

Nominations for this year’s award must be submitted by Friday, March 10th.