Jacksons Food Stores Selects New Agency

After a competitive review, Jacksons Food Stores has selected The Agency Creative Network as their Agency of Record, responsible for all marketing, advertising and public relations related activities. The Agency Creative Network was chosen over Stoltz Marketing Group, Oliver Russell, and CLM. The account had previously been held by CLM.

The change of agencies represents a dramatic shift for Jacksons Food Stores, and is a significant win for The Agency Creative Network. The account was a long-time CLM account, and had been with the shop since its days as WRC Advertising. Jacksons is Idaho’s 6th largest privately held corporation, and operates in Idaho, Nevada, Washington and Oregon.

The Agency Creative Network, founded and led by Jane Perlaky, describes itself as an “open network model.” It utilizes talent throughout the area, and assembles teams tailored to individual client needs. Said one member of the team involved in the Jacksons business, this “…shows that clients see the value in smart strategy and creativity, no matter how it comes together.”

Congratulations to The Agency Creative Network on a hard-earned win.

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16 Replies to “Jacksons Food Stores Selects New Agency”

  1. I imagine a client like Jackson’s will need a full-blown agency. So it will be interesting to see if Jane’s group (yet to launch its own website) can pull it off.

  2. Once again, I find it hilarious that people still post “anonymous” on this website.
    Can’t we all be professional and open with constructive criticism of different business models?
    And, for the record, The Agency is a full-blown advertising agency giving clients the best in quality work and creative strategy. That, my anonymous friend, will win every single time.
    In this day and age, and especially in this economy, there is a definitive need for new and better business models. I praise The Agency for thinking differently.

    Holly Sue Kerns – Don’t kid yourself, one gal that is not afraid to tell (or post to a blog) anyone what she thinks.

  3. Hilarious, perhaps. But many times the anonymous posts are also the most brutally honest, since there is no self-serving motive or agenda.

    cowardly lurker

  4. Knowing the level of talent, professionalism and loyalty wrapped up in Jane’s group, it can’t miss. Wonder how the airline industry would look if the folks at Southwest had listened to the nabobs, and scrapped their business model. What about those non-conformists at Apple? or E-bay? Come on, guys — give a group of hard workers and creative thinkers a chance to prove their mettle. Way to go, Jane and friends!!!!!!!

  5. CLM has worked with Jacksons for five years under my ownership and for several years before. We have had the good fortune to grow with Jacksons. They are excellent people and a great account. We wish Jacksons success with their new agency.


  6. Kudos to you Jane, Holly Sue, Paul Carew and co. You duked it out with some great agencies and won fair and square. I hear the Rocky theme song coming on.

  7. I think it was really nice of Brad to show some class when the announcement reeeked of nastiness. And, I’m sorry. I’ve worked with Jane and she is a DISASTER. But, I’m sure Paul Carew and Holly will make sure things are up to snuff. They are project managers extrodinairre. Jane can barely manage herself out of a wet paperbag.

  8. Even though you sign anonymous, your IP address shows where your comment originated. It is easy to figure out who wrote what. I’ll be sure to pass that info on to Jane.

  9. I am a former client of Jane’s. Anonymous is right. She is a disaster. If you want to figure out who I am, just look at her former client list. If I was Jackson’s I’d be disgusted at how she rubbed the win into another agencies face.

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