The New Boise Agency Suspense is Over

A little over a week ago, NewBoiseAgency first appeared on the scene, with a full page ad in the Idaho Business Review, a Twitter profile and a teaser website. The folks behind the scenes started following, and actively engaged with many within the marketing and advertising community on Twitter – myself included.

Central to their campaign was the reveal of the merger of two Boise advertising agencies.

Today, that reveal is complete.

Davies Rourke and Marketing Media Group have joined forces to create DaviesMoore.

From their official announcement:

Two Boise based advertising agencies Marketing Media Group (MMG) and Davies Rourke announced Tuesday that the two companies will join forces to form DaviesMoore.

“We are all excited about this union as it will not only benefit both agencies, but it also greatly benefits our clients because they get both years of experience and wisdom combined with an abundance of energy, talent and fresh ideas,” said Edward Moore, president of DaviesMoore. “On the surface, there’s a contradiction because we are a truly diverse group of people with differing perspectives, yet it’s clear that we have a common goal: to provide the best marketing recommendations and solutions possible to generate positive results for our clients in a time when they need a positive return on their investment more than ever.”

DaviesMoore, who can now claim to be both the newest and oldest advertising agency in the state of Idaho, draws on the history of Davies Rourke, which was originally founded by Ken Davies as Givens-Davies Advertising in 1953, and then incorporated as Davies & Rourke Advertising in 1973. It also harnesses the momentum that MMG has gained over the past 11 years. MMG, founded in 1998, has grown from an original staff of three and a shared office space with the Idaho Steelheads to their current size and a client roster that includes sport entertainment, recreational, retail, higher education, packaged goods and more.

DaviesMoore will service the existing client rosters of both Davies Rourke and MMG. The combined offices will be located in what is now the former MMG office space, at 6th and Bannock in downtown Boise.

To Edward Moore, Jeff Nielsen and the entire staff of DaviesMoore, congratulations on the merger, the week-long launch anticipation, and what will certainly be a long and successful tenure in the business.

7 Replies to “The New Boise Agency Suspense is Over”

  1. Congrats to all at the new Davies Moore. Should be interesting to see the work they come up with. I am looking forward to it.

  2. Congrats to DaviesMoore, and to the newest member of the Boise Press Corp – Idaho Ad Agency Blog. Breakin’ the stories and keeping us in the know.

  3. Congratulations DaviesMoore! We are so excited for you.

    Nice work on covering the story Brian.

  4. Yes, congrats to all. I will say I just about spit out my coffee when that picture of Ed popped up on my browser though . . .all sprawled out on the couch with whiskey in hand. Seems pretty pompous.

  5. I love the new website, and I think the photos are AMAZING. Including the Edward couch pic. I think it’s evident that these guys put a lot of thought into the strategy and art direction. It’s dramatic, fun and a little bit tongue-in-cheek. Love it.

    Way to go DaviesMoore. You guys deserve all your success.

  6. I feel a little pompous looking at it, but I agree with our creative solution to be bold and dramatic. End of the day we are who we are and only want clients that will appreciate the tongue-in-cheek humor. We like images and advertising that illicit coffee-spitting … much better than being ignored!

  7. DaviesMoore has outsmarted everyone! Obviously this site is a spoof to create chatter and buzz. The pictures…how about the copy? Even the above comment by Shannon. Paid for? Duh. Come on people, DM is waaaaay in front of you. Goes to show you that just because an agency has small clients doesn’t mean they can’t have brilliant thinking. Well, well done DM. Can’t wait to see actual site!

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