Time is Running Out

Wow.  Almost feels like I’m selling cars or furniture with that headline… Nevertheless, the clock is ticking.  Entries for the Idaho Advertising Federation’s 2010 Rockie Awards are due by Friday, February 5th.

2010 Rockie Awards - Reminder

Or, if you’re feeling generous and would like to pay additional fees, the late submission deadline is Friday, February 12th.

One Reply to “Time is Running Out”

  1. Since were in a self-congratulatory forum… did anyone see the Grammy awards last night? Was that really Elton John or an over inflated shopping center balloon that got away from the Home Depot. Pudum!
    That reminds me of my mother’s words: ” You keep listening to this Led Zeppelin stuff it will be the end of our society.” Little did she know the final death knell would come from someone named Beyonce. ….By the way is she an andriod? If she put on a helmet, I know she could bust through the Jets defensive line.
    The Jeff Beck thing honoring Les Paul was nice. On an advertising note though – Neil Young received his first solo Grammy…. for package design. Mom is right the world ends tomorrow.

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