George Parker Does Not Hate Everything

Believe it or not, it’s true — there’s proof!

Kidding aside, during an appearance on Episode 63 of The BeanCast, George Parker had a few complimentary words for the work that Drake Cooper has done over the years for the Idaho Lottery.

The brief comment came in the context of a discussion that he and the other panelists were having about the PlaidNation Tour, their travels, and Plaid’s desire to recognize great work that comes out of shops in different cities.  If you’re interested in listening, the discussion surrounding the tour takes place just over an hour into the show.

P.S. – All in good fun George, all in good fun.

2 Replies to “George Parker Does Not Hate Everything”

  1. Well thanks for that. At least you recognize I am not a complete arsehole. Just a wanker. Sometime in October, I’m giving a speech to the BAF. It’ll be in the evening, so instead of sitting around like douchenozzles drinking iced tea, we’ll be able to get well and truly fucked up. Check AdScam for the details. And buy one of my books, or I won’t let you in.

    1. Glad to hear that the BAF was able to get you on the calendar early in the year. And, given that it’s an evening event, I’m all for tipping one or two back with you!

      Oh, and if having a copy of your book is the price of admission, then I’m good to go. Reading it now, as time allows.

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